Contemporary Commentary on Gertrude Käsebier and Her Photography

Date Publication Title
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1901 Photography as a Fine Art Gertrude Käsebier and the Artistic-Commercial Portrait
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January, 1901 Everybody's Magazine Some Indian Portraits
May, 1901 The Ladies' Home Journal The Foremost Women Photographers of America
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March 16, 1902 New York Times Pictorial Photography
January 17, 1904 The Washington Post Art Topics.—The Photo Secessionists
March, 1906 The American Amateur Photographer The Exhbitions of Käsebier, White, Annan, Hill and Evans at the Photo Secession
April, 1907 The Craftsman: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine Photography as an Emotional Art
February 7, 1917 Bulletin of Photography Individuality Indicated
1918 Photography and Fine Art Chapter 12: Harmony