Playing Around: Women and Infidelity by Linda Wolfe

By Linda Wolfe

Intimate, explosive, revelatory

American ladies discuss having been untrue to their fundamental sexual companions. Why did they cheat? How and the place did they be able to meet with their enthusiasts? have been the affairs extra sexually pleasurable than the women's fundamental relationships? extra emotionally pleasing? Did they believe guilt? Did they maintain their affairs mystery or admit them to companions or buddies? And, no matter if confessed or now not, how did infidelity have an effect on the women's lives?

Intimate and explosive, Playing Around explores the pleasures and pains of woman infidelity and illuminates women's participation in a habit that's usually seen as predominantly male.

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There lay the bleakness; for them, as they were constituted, through all eternity, this had been the optimum—there was no beyond. There was nothing. Yet when the wife in a contemporary novel of adultery falls into a love affair, she does not fall in love. Something is always wrong with the lovers. Jong’s heroine, Lady Chatterley in reverse, chooses an impotent man. Hochman’s chooses a man whom she despises for his emotional cruelty. McCarthy’s heroine chooses her ex-husband, a man she has previously rejected and fled.

Male contraceptives— condoms—were in use in the eighteenth century but they were uncomfortable and inadequate. ” In the nineteenth century they were improved, and female contraceptives—cervical caps—were invented, but both types caught on very slowly. There were powerful religious proscriptions against their use even until our own day. Thus nineteenth-century opponents of adultery used to urge women to eschew it not just because of moral scruples but because their sexual wandering brought with it the danger of polluting family blood—the possibility of illegitimate children.

It may have been because he opened the manuscript to chapter one and it said ‘Fuck’ or it may have been because of the attitude toward monogamy. All that summer I was depressed. My family will hate me. My husband will leave me. It sounds funny now, since none of that happened, but it’s what I expected. ” The novelist Ann Birstein reported that for many years her 20 P laying A round novella Love in the Dunes, a politely worded story of female adultery, “went begging for a publisher. Nobody would buy it.

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