Pilot's Notes - Wyvern S.4 [AP 4247C- P.N.]

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These systems are not directly modelled in FSX and although some could have been implemented the end user was unlikely to notice eg. Low Pressure fuel cock. As far as any of the references consulted could reveal the real aircraft didn’t have a landing light! Therefore the position chosen was a best guess. The Wyvern also featured a number of external signalling lights which are not currently modelled, in the event of some form of bribe by an interested party (we all like beer) these could be implemented.

A combined indicator for rudder and aileron trim is located on the port instrument panel (46). The elevator trim is controlled by a hand wheel (3) with trim marking. The undercarriage is operated by a switch (15) above the standard indicator (14). Emergency operation is by the U/C EMERGENCY release pedal removing the locks and allowing gravity to extend the gear. The tail wheel lock (1) is located to the left of the ejector seat. 2 (7) and its control unit are situated on the cockpit port shelf and provide a latitude and longitude readout, and true heading inidication.

If anyone has more accurate information we’d love to hear about it, and if it doesn’t threaten what’s left of our sanity we might include it in an update. External stores. If you load up the external tanks with fuel in the Fuel and Payload settings they should appear, similarly if you add 1000lb to any of the weapons stations a 1000lb bomb will appear in the correct position. You can add bombs and external fuel which is unrealistic, however only the bombs will show. The bombs are the later UK style with a cruciform tail, rather than the earlier circular unit.

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