Photomorphogenesis in plants by Lars Olof Björn (auth.), R. E. Kendrick, G. H. M. Kronenberg

By Lars Olof Björn (auth.), R. E. Kendrick, G. H. M. Kronenberg (eds.)

`...the quantity is a needs to for libraries at Universities and learn Institutes the place its readers will be 3rd 12 months and post-graduate scholars, researchers and lecturers.'
Plant development Regulation nine, 1990

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Dehydration experiments have been performed with either freeze-dried plant tissues containing phytochrome or with isolated phytochrome dissolved in glycerol buffer. Although not all intermediate steps have been investigated in detail, it can be concluded that the last step of photoconversion of Pr to Pfr, namely the formation of Pfr, is prevented. It has been suggested that dehydration restricts the mobility of the protein and by this means prevents Pfr formation (Kendrick and Spruit 1977). Rehydration restores full photoreversibility.

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