Philosophy and Biology by Mohan Matthen, Bernard Linsky (editors)

By Mohan Matthen, Bernard Linsky (editors)

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Or is the claim that the hidden hand of evolutionary genetics in fact directs our behaviour despite of the freedom we might think we have to direct ourselves? ) Or that sociobiology will teach us more about the details of our motivations than we knew before (as did Freud and his successors)? Or is the claim merely that the evolution of our motivations explains them by shedding light on their history, without necessarily shedding any light on their present structure? Wherever there is this sort of softness about the claims people make, there are philosophers.

Page 27 Evolutionary Ethics: Healthy Prospect or Last Infirmity? Michael Ruse University of Guelph Guelph, ON Canada N1G 2W1 I Evolutionary ethics, the idea that the evolutionary process contains the basis for a full and adequate understanding of human moral nature, is an old and disreputable notion.

The use of probability in genetics is thus a result of the autonomy with which it investigates phenomena, Sober says; and it is thus different from both Humean probabilities, which arise from a degree of ignorance, and from probabilities in quantum mechanics, which reflect the ontological indeterminacy of quantum events. (In his contribution to this volume, Alex Rosenberg contests Sober's view. ) We see then that both Kitcher and Sober agree with some form of atomism, but that they do not draw from it the doctrine that physics is ontologically and methodologically prior to the other sciences.

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