Pharmacotheon: Entheogenic drugs, their plant sources and by Jonathan Ott

By Jonathan Ott

Pharmacotheon is the 1st complete medical compendium almost about entheogenic medicines, a very fascinating zone of the drug global. The emphasis is on comprehensive and scientific, as this ebook offers intimately with all facets of entheogenic drugs-their botany, chemistry, neuropharmacology, ethnology and history.

Herein the clinical professional will locate entry to all the resource courses in a voluminous bibliography, to which reference is made within the textual content. in addition to this entire, clinical documentation of the target proof as regards to entheogenic medications, the query of the which means and value of this actual category of psychotropic medicinal drugs for modern society is mentioned in detail.

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Although authentic mescaline was available as a research drug until 1965, there is no evidence that it was widely distributed to the general public. Legislation proscribing mescaline and allied entheogens, enacted between r965 and r968, combined with the high cost of manufacture, led to the virtual disappearance of mescaline from the market. What, then, of the millions of doses of "mescaline" or "organic mescaline" which were widely sold throughout the United States and other countries in the late sixties and early seventies ...

In the pages that follow I will discuss in great detail that most exciting, most mysterious class of drugs, the stock-in-trade of shamans and thaumaturges the world over-the cacti, mushrooms, grasses, trees, shrubs and lianas which we call entheogenic plants, and their contained active principles. " Animals shrink from them rather than become habituated to them, people use them infrequendy and mosdy treat them with awe and respect for their divine potency (Schultes 1972E). Far from being addicting drugs, they show promise in aiding addicts to overcome their habituation to drugs like alcohol and heroin (Hoffer 1970).

On 6 May I953, Canadian psychiatrist Humphry Osmond administered 400 mg of mescaline sulfate to Huxley, which cleansed his "doors of perception" and inspired his famous and controversial essay by that name. Huxley WaB to devote the laBt decade of his life to research on what he called "phanerothymes" or "psychodelics"'-entheogens--and in his final book, Island (Huxley I962), the fanciful Soma of Brave New 'W'Orld gave way to the moksha-medicine,2 a cultivated mushroom parterned after the Mexican teonandcat!

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