Peter and the beloved disciple: figures for a community in by Kevin Quast

By Kevin Quast

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64 an emphasi s on Jesus' omniscienc e is found . Her e the tempora l aspect is highlighted with the phrase •• •••••• . Jesus' omniscienc e extend s into the realm of foreknowledge. 1 since in this Gospe l 'all things are commonl y traced back to their origin in the eterna l counsels of God'. 103 Taken in its immediat e contex t of unbelievers amon g the disciples, •• ••••• • need only mean 'from the beginnin g of His connectio n with individuals'. 104 In other words, Jesus' awareness of the unbelief of some of his disciples existed even from the beginnin g of his ministr y or of the disciples' call, and it may have been mentione d here as 'an editoria l attemp t to prevent any misconceptio n which might imply that Jesus had made a mistake'.

As Schnackenbur g point s out, althoug h the hero of the Gospe l is the Beloved Disciple, rathe r than Peter , the role of Peter as the primar y witness to Christ is not denied but recognized . e. 8) by 'the disciple whom Jesus loved* the confession to Jesus at this historic momen t is not denied him, and indicatio n of the fixed traditio n to which the fourt h evangelist also feels committed. 119 Verses 68 and 69 make up Peter' s three-par t answer, which begins with anothe r rhetorica l question in response to Jesus' rhetorica l question .

49 This accoun t of the namin g of Simon has a parallel much later on in the 'story line of Matthew' . All the evangelists know that Simon bore the sobriquet of Peter , but only Matthe w and John mentio n the occasion on which he received it.. In John the change of nam e takes place in the beginnin g of the ministry; in Matthe w it takes place more than halfway through the ministry. 50 In order to accoun t for the different settings of the namin g of Simon in Mathe w and John , we must seek to discern what they are trying to convey to the reader s by placin g this event where they have in their 51 Gospels.

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