Peptides: Biology and Chemistry by Xiao-Jie Xu, Yun-Hua Ye, James P. Tam

By Xiao-Jie Xu, Yun-Hua Ye, James P. Tam

This quantity summarizes the papers provided on the chinese language Peptide Symposium-96. the subjects of the Symposium comprised six sections:

  • approach and techniques;
  • a molecular diversity-peptide library;
  • conformation of peptides and proteins;
  • structure and layout;
  • bioactive peptides; and
  • a chemistry-biology interface.

The contributions have been desirous about so much elements of peptides and proteins, together with chemistry and biology, besides others comparable to peptides, akin to glycopeptides, peptidomimetics and amino acids. The lawsuits mirror fresh advances within the fields of peptide and protein chemistry and biology, offering a stimulus for carrying on with learn in those and similar fields.

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The coupling product of proline with Marfey's reagent gave diastereomers separable by reversephase HPLC. Peaks corresponding to Marfey's derivatives of L- and D-prolines were identified by comparison with D, L-proline-Marfey's reagent standard run under identical conditions. From these experiments, we found that little racemization (<3%) was detected in both cases Based on the analogous experiment, it was assumed that treatment of 2-amino-4bromobutyric acid derivative (3) with sodium hydride may give the corresponding 4membered ring compound.

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202 (1992) 210. mp 60-62°C. 25(s, 5H) 39 A pragmatic way to cleave acid-resistant resin De-Xin Wang and Lei Huang Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing 100050, China Introduction Nitroficated handle structure between peptide chain and resin carrier was conventionally used as photolabile linkage in solid-phase peptide synthesis before [ 1,2]. However, it has never been commonly used like other handle structures, such as -CH2(C6H4)-, -CH2 (C6H4)OCH2(C6H4)-, MBHA, PAM, ...

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