Path of Fire and Light, Vol. 1: Advanced Practices of Yoga by Swami Rama

By Swami Rama

Sensible info at the complex practices of yoga offered in straight forward language.

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2. Roll your left hand back out by rolling over your thumb to palm down. Then carry on rolling over the little finger until the palm is back facing up. note These moves get easier as your shoulder becomes looser and you will also find that the circulation improves in your hands. 42 Joint Flexibility and Mobility Ankles and hips Our ankles are the main shock absorbers for the body and need to retain flexibility in order to deal with uneven ground and prevent the ‘shock ’travelling up into the hips and back.

Our middle regions are compressed for large periods of time and we can develop a stoop and our breathing is almost all done in the top of the chest at the front. This exercise involves lying on the tummy. Many people are resistant to this position but I would seriously suggest that anybody diagnosed with multiple sclerosis should be advised to lie on their tummy for a few minutes every day from the earliest days of diagnosis and this is why: ● Lying on your tummy encourages the muscles at the top of the thighs and into the hip area to lengthen, preventing you stooping forward from the hip.

It is preferable to have the head flat on the floor but, if absolutely necessary, use as small (flat) a pillow as possible until your neck lengthens. 1. Without lifting the head simply roll it as far to the right as you can manage without any force. Relax there and you will start to feel some odd little stretches into some obscure areas such as the muscles on the left side of your eye, the area of the sinuses and the tubing of your left ear, even your jaw-line – all good. 2. Roll the head slowly back to the upright and you will very quickly realise that you have been doing quite a stretch without really feeling it.

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