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To capture a computer screenshot, choose File > Import > Screen Capture > Setup from the menu bar. 15 shows the Capture Setup dialog box. com Acquiring Images — Chapter 2 41 You can save the entire screen or just parts of the computer window. In addition, Paint Shop Pro has a built-in Delay timer, which lets you prepare for a screenshot to be taken. Once your settings are established, click on the Capture Now button. If you selected to capture an Area and set the right mouse button as the activation option, Paint Shop Pro waits until you click your right mouse button to start the capturing process.

If you have any free exposures left, you can even take a picture from this dialog box—a good technique if your camera is on a tripod. 12 A snapshot in need of some editing. There are quite a few good books available on digital cameras and editing digital photos, including Digital Camera Solutions by Gregory Georges (Muska & Lipman, 2000, ISBN 0-9662889-6-3). com Besides providing information on its own products, Kodak has quite a bit of general digital imaging information, including its Digital Learning Center.

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