Paint & Coating Industry June 2011 by Kristin Johansson

By Kristin Johansson

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Waxes are frequently used to improve mar resistance. ) ANTIOXIDANT A chemical compound that prevents oxygen from reacting with other compounds that are susceptible to oxidation. Antioxidants are additives that are expected to prolong the lifetime of a coating and thus assist in maintaining its original high-performance characteristics as long as possible. Components of a coating, adhesive, ink or sealant are subjected to opportunities for degradation during component manufacture, storage, and transportation as well as during application and final use.

However, now users are considering changes to their colo- FIGURE 1 | Regular and high-strength FIGURE 2 | Regular and high-opacity green. red. rant lineup. Evaluation of newer colorants to expand color space, provide better lightfastness and achieve greater opacity is taking place. Users are realizing the benefits of making changes, and the Colortrend 808 line consists of matches to traditional colorants but also adds a number of newer colorant options. VOC Issues One of the most important features of the Colortrend 808 colorants is that they meet the need for no-VOC colorants.

C O M BIOCIDES/FUNGICIDES/ANTIMICROBIALS See Antimicrobials and Enzyme Because coatings are largely organic in nature, they provide a source of food for microorganisms. Microorganisms are found everywhere and they work around the clock trying to cause viscosity loss, putrefaction, gas formation, emulsion breakdown, and other undesirable physical and chemical changes. These attacking species can cause discoloration, marring, loss of adhesion and finally coating failure. Microorganisms can contaminate paint in different ways during the manufacturing process.

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