Organic Reactions in Electrical Discharges by N. P. Fedorenko, E. P. Shchukin (auth.), N. S. Pechuro

By N. P. Fedorenko, E. P. Shchukin (auth.), N. S. Pechuro (eds.)

Recently curiosity has arisen within the use of electric discharges to influence chemical reactions. quite a few varieties of discharges permit us to change the stipulations of a procedure over a variety, and sometimes ro mix the excessive electron "temperatures" essential to activ ate certainreactions with the low molecular temperatures of the medium used. This makes it attainable to simplify the recommendations and gear required for a procedure, and to "quench" the goods, hence fighting them from decomposing back. comparable paintings at the use of electric discharges has already came upon sensible functions, those comprise the guidance of oxides of nitrogen, hydrocyanic acid, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide, thickening of oils, synthesis of acetylene and its homologs, hydrogenation and dehydrogenation of assorted oils and animal fat, and so on, within the heavy organic-synthesis undefined, reduce olefins and acetylenes are used an a !arge scale as uncooked ma­ terials for generating many helpful items, tools of manufacturing ethylene, propylene, and butylenes from gaseous and liquid hydrocarbon feedstocks were commonly followed. despite the fact that, the construction of acetylene­ that is a massive and occasionally quintessential preliminary product-is frequently dependent an calcium carbide. De­ spite a few contemporary advancements, this system of acetylene creation suffers from excessive electrical energy intake and dear uncooked fabrics, calls for numerous levels, and produces !arge quantities of waste items. V arious traces are being within the try and locate new, extra subtle technique of generating acetylene.

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The calculations were made for three series of experiments- at current strengths of 225, 175, and 125 mA. The values of the constants are given in Table 2. The dashed curves in Fig. 3 were plotted from these values of the constants. It will be seen that our scheme for ethylene conversion agrees with the experimental data. We tried to analyze other schemes, particularly the scheme in which ethylene decomposes directly to the end products, characterized by the constant kg. However, we could not obtain agreement between the curves and the experimental data for any value of k3 , k;.

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