Organic matter accumulation: the organic cyclicities of the by Elisabeth Lallier-Verges, Nicolas-Pierre Tribovillard,

By Elisabeth Lallier-Verges, Nicolas-Pierre Tribovillard, Philippe Bertrand

The buildup of natural topic permits inferences a couple of wide array of methods within the geological earlier. The Kimmeridge Clay Formation (Yorkshire, U.K.) could be considered as a version of the formation of hydrocarbon resource rocks. the motive force of natural subject accumulation is the natural phytoplankton productiveness, while oxygenation stipulations appear to have performed a secondary position. In Lake Bouchet (French Massif imperative) natural subject seems to be an excellent indicator of paleoenvironmental adjustments happening for over 350000 years. The booklet is of targeted curiosity to geologists and geochemists attracted to natural topic accumulation.

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ThR is known to provide a convenient way for a rapid estimation of total organic sulfur contribution in kerogens (Eglinton et aL, 1990). 12) is noted for sample B when compared to A, thus indicating a higher participation of sulfurcontaining moieties to kerogen in the middle of the microcycle. Due to the high complexity of the flash pyrolysates, a more detailed analysis of the pyrolysis products can only be achieved by "off-line" pyrolysis and identification of the constituents of the various fractions resulting from the separation process (fig.

22mm CP Sil 8 CB fused silica capillary column. After splitless injection at 60~ (1 ran), the oven temperature was first increased to 100~ at 30~ 3~ then to 290~ at and maintained at the latter temperature until complete elution of all the compounds. Helium was used as carder gas. 25mm) fused silica capillary column connected to a Finnigan Mat ITD 800 Ion Trap Detector by a 2 m capillary interface heated at 250~ Molecular organic geochemical parameters were evaluated on the basis of peak areas and relative intensities in mass chromatograms of characteristic ions for regular steranes (m/z 217), 4-methylsteranes (m/z 231), bopanes (m/z 191), n-alkanes and isoprenoids (m/z 85).

And Largeau C. (1989) A reappraisal of kerogen formation. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 53, 3103-3106. P. H. (1984) Petroleum Formation and Occurrence. Springer, Berlin. 699p. C. P. (1980) Pyrolysis-high resolution gas chromatography and pyrolysis gas chromatography-mass spectrometry of kerogens and kerogen precursors. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 44, 999-1013. Drpt. des Sciencesde la Terre,F-45067 Orlrans cedex Key words- source-rocks, organic matter accumulation, organic matter preservation, anoxia, Rock-Eval pyrolysis, biomarkers.

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