Organic Free Radicals: Proceedings of the Fifth by A. Alberti, P. Carloni, L. Greci, P. Stipa (auth.), Prof.

By A. Alberti, P. Carloni, L. Greci, P. Stipa (auth.), Prof. Dr. Hanns Fischer, Prof. Dr. Heinz Heimgartner (eds.)

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Balaban for the generous gift of samples of pyrylium perchlorates ~ (Ref. 2, 3). 1. I. T. Balaban (1982) Can. J. Chem. 60, 1512. 2. a. T. Balaban, W. W. Fisher (1969)-Xdv. Heterocycl. Chem. 10, 241; b. T. Balaban, A. N. W. V. V. Mezheritskii, W. Schroth (1982) Adv. Heterocycl. Chem. Supple 2, Academic Press, New York. 3. ~. Balaban (1968) Tetrahedron Lett. 4643. 4. J. Mehlhorn, L. Packer, R. T. Balaban, I. Draguyan (1986) Meth. Enzymol. li7, 738. 5. T. J. ehlhorn (1978) FEBS Lett. J. Mehlhorn, L.

R. Barton and G. Kretzschmar, Tetrahedron-Letters, 5889 (1983). a-HALOSULFONES REDUCTION MECHANISM: APPUCATION OF HIGHLY EFFICIENT RADICAL CLOCKS B. Vacher, A. Samat and M. Chanon UA 126 CNRS. B 561. 13397 Marseille Cedex 13. France The synthesis of highly efficient radical clocks of the 5-(exo)-substituted-5-(entIo)isopropyl sulfonyl type was recently developped(1). The rates of the intramolecular radical cyclization (reaction (1» are presently among the fastest (l08 and 109 s-1 respectively for R=CN and R=C6H 5)' (1) (2)'"~ Zn or Na28C?

We believe that the strength of the silicon-oxygen bond is a potent driving force in these novel rearrangements. H. Fischer, H. ) Organic Free Radicals @ Springer·Veriag Berlin Heidelberg 1988 Ti (III) SALT MEDIATED RADICAL ADDITION TO CARBONYL CARBON. SYNTHESIS OF a,6-DIHYDROXYKETONES. Angelo Clerici and Ombretta Porta Dipartimento di Chimica del Politecnico, Pza L. da Vinci, 32 - 20133 Milano, Italy Abstract: Carbon centered radicals £, generated by reduction of a,6-dicarbonyl com- pounds! by Ti(III) salt, add to the carbonyl carbon of aldehydes dihydroxyketones 1 l to afford a,6- in reasonable to high yields.

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