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However, using Eq. 4), we find that the beam splitter prepares the system in the state |φout = 21 (b†1 + b†2 )(b†1 − b†2 ) |0 = 1 2 (b†1 )2 − b†1 b†2 + b†2 b†1 − (b†2 )2 |0 . 6) This state no longer contains any information about the origin of the particles, since each incoming one is equally likely transferred to any of the two output ports. Passing through the setup, the input particles become indistinguishable by detection (see Fig. 1). Their quantum statistics can now be revealed using local measurements.

The motivation for considering a Bell multiport beam splitter was that it only redirects the photons without affecting their inner degrees of freedom. 5 Conclusions setup can therefore be used to produce polarisation, time-bin and frequency entanglement, respectively. To generate, for example, polarisation entangled photons, the initial photon states may differ in polarisation but should otherwise be exactly the same. The high symmetry of the Bell multiport beam splitter allows for the generation of a variety of highly entangled symmetric states.

9) Suppose the photons in output ports 2′ and 4′ are absorbed in the measurement process. Then the output state of the system equals in case of a single click in each of the detectors (2) |ψout = 12 α |H1′ H3′ ± β |V1′ V3′ . 10) The “+” sign applies when both detectors measure the same polarisation (which happens with probability 21 ); the “−” sign applies when both detectors measure different polarisations (which also happens with probability 21 ). More generally, every measurement of the state |− yields a phase flip error on the output state.

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