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Gambiae Anop helines 29 FIG. 5 . Map of Nigeria along the Niger River and its tributaries, showing the frequency of Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto and Anopheles arabiensis in 26 sampling localities in different ecological zones. The data refer mostly to samples of blood-fed, indoor-resting adult females collected during the rainy season (Coluzzi et a1 1979). Gibson 30 ARABIENSIS INVERSION SYSTEMS - 16 15 - - GAMBIAE INVERSION SYSTEMS - -----~ ta a bf tb b bc be,bf td d be bf tb b bc bk td d bk,u ta a FIG.

Outdoor resting, two or more days outdoors. dIndoor resting, unknown number of days indoors. 'Outdoor resting, no days indoors. 'Indoor resting, one day indoors. %door resting, two or more days indoors. - - , less than 5%; + -, 5-25%; + + more than 5%. Taken from White (1974). Anopheles gambiae Anopheles arabiensis general Taveta, Kenya; Jima, Ethiopia; Pare, Tanzania; Manyara, Tanzania Anopheles quadriannulatus Ethiopia; Zimbabwe Anopheles bwambae Bwamba, Uganda Species Endophagicb Exophagica TABLE 1 Classification of feeding and resting behaviour patterns for four members of the Anopheles garnbiae complex Anop helines 27 tolerates drier habitats, including part of the Arabian peninsula, and continues to breed further into the dry season.

Unfortunately, one could imagine that a super-efficient trap might smell extremely strongly of human sweat! Mosquitoes don’t target themselves directly onto humans, they come into a room and for reasons that are not understood they fly around the room before 20 Discussion they bite. Therefore, there is a certain amount of time for the extra mosquitoes that are attracted in to get trapped if there is a super-efficient trap. But that’s a big if. Bowen: Does anyone know anything about the mechanism of bed net insecticide resistance in Culex found in China and why it was not present in Anopheles?

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