Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants: Oilseeds by Chittaranjan Kole

By Chittaranjan Kole

Part of the seven-volume sequence Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in crops, the amount Oilseeds is dedicated to oil-producing box plants akin to soybeans, oilseed rape, peanuts, sunflowers, Indian mustard, Brassica rapa, black mustard and flax. whereas the grouping of monetary vegetation is conventionally according to their agricultural reasons, numerous plants lined during this quantity produce other makes use of along with yielding oils. Brassica rapa can also be used as a vegetable, the sunflower as a decorative, and flax as a fibre crop. Black mustard, that is used as a condiment yet is genetically on the subject of different Brassica species, can also be integrated here.

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Tions distributed among the 20 plus LGs, presumably corresponding to the 20 pairs of soybean chromosomes. These loci encompass 606 SSRs, 689 RFLPs, 79 RAPDs, 11 amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs), 10 isozymes, and 26 classical loci. This integrated map has 544 new loci that had not been reported previously (Akkaya et al. 1995; Mansur et al. 1996). This consensus map exhibited the consistency of marker order and genetic distance among three different populations. 01 cM between adjacent SSR markers, but 36 intervals of at least 20 cM or 79 intervals of at least 10 cM distance, indicating the necessity of saturating more genetic markers into the genomic gaps.

1997 Lee et al. 2004c Funatsuki et al. 2005 Lin et al. 1997 Mapmaker QTL Map Manager QTX QTL Cartographer Diers et al. 1992c Bianchi-Hall et al. 2000 Cornelious et al. 2005 VanToai et al. -J. Lee et al. Reaction Leaf ash Stem diameter Canopy width Plant height Early plant vigor Leaf width Leaf length Young × PI 416937 120 F4d Minsoy × Archer 233 RILs Minsoy × Noir 1 240 RILs Young × PI 416937 120 F4d LG A2 M M G G A81-356022 × PI 468916 60 F2:3 D1a Minsoy × Noir 1 284 RILs L Minsoy × Archer 233 RILs M A81-356022 × PI 468916 60 F2:3 A2 F D1b Minsoy × Noir 1 284 RILs M Minsoy × Archer 233 RILs M S100 × Tokyo 116 F2:5 C2 F E A81-356022 × PI 468916 60 F2:3 L S100 × Tokyo 116 F2:5 C2 Minsoy × Noir 1 284 RILs L C2 PI 97100 × Coker 237 111 F2d L Young × PI 416937 120 F4d C1 M Minsoy × Noir 1 (240 RILs),¸ Archer × Minsoy (233 RILs), Noir 1 × Archer (240 RILs) A81-356022 × soja PI 468916 BC3 Kefeng No.

Of three genes (fan1, fan2, fan3) associated with linolenic acid content in soybean, only fan1 has been mapped on LG-B2, which is closely linked to other genes such as Idh2 and fas (Brummer et al. 1995). 4 QTL Mapping in Soybean One application of molecular markers is to locate genes for quantitative traits that are generally controlled by multiple loci with relatively low genetic contribution and more likely affected by environmental variation. Any traits with higher heritability can obviously be tagged by molecular markers in segregating populations, and the flanking markers can be beneficially applied to selecting progenies and/or germplasm that have favorable alleles for particular traits among diverse genetic materials as well.

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