Nonlinear Partial Diff. Eqns - Sequential, Weak Solns by E. Rosinger

By E. Rosinger

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Anything that draws its power from a source other than God is demonic in nature and can produce problems in the generations. 2. Secret societies, including Freemasonry, Eastern Star, and the Shriners. 8 If you or an ancestor has been involved in Freemasonry, please see Appendix Two of this book. 3. Robbing and defrauding God. If you withhold your tithe (10%) from God, the Bible says that you are actually robbing Him and that a curse can come into your household as a result (see Mal. 3:8,9). This curse often manifests as financial trouble, including poverty, and can be passed from generation to generation.

5) that is "hard-core idolatry," a term coined by C. Peter Wagner. Referring to Luke 16:13, "You cannot serve both God and Money," Wagner states, "covetousness is allegiance to a false god named Mammon... It is correct to capitalize 'Money' or 'Mammon' because it is a proper name. Mammon is a person, not a thing or an urge or an attitude... When Jesus mentioned Mammon, it was in the context of not being able to serve two masters. "3 That was the allegiance that the jewelry box came to represent in my life.

Sin and 2. Satan. We will deal more with the issues of sin, both personal and generational, in later chapters. Here, however, let's take a look at Satan and the forces he uses to steal the fullness from our lives. As C. Peter Wagner states in his book, Warfare Prayer, "Satan's central task and desire is to prevent God from being glorified. Satan's primary objective is to prevent God from being glorified by keeping lost people from being saved... "1 How is it that Satan manages to make so many of us as miserable as he possibly can in this present life?

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