No Joke: Making Jewish Humor by Ruth R. Wisse

By Ruth R. Wisse

Humor is the main celebrated of all Jewish responses to modernity. during this e-book, Ruth Wisse inspires and applauds the genius of spontaneous Jewish joking--as good because the brilliance of comedian masterworks by means of writers like Heinrich Heine, Sholem Aleichem, Isaac Babel, S. Y. Agnon, Isaac Bashevis Singer, and Philip Roth. while, Wisse attracts realization to the precarious stipulations that decision Jewish humor into being--and the associated fee it will possibly designated from its practitioners and audience.

Wisse largely lines glossy Jewish humor world wide, teasing out its implications as she explores memorable and telling examples from German, Yiddish, English, Russian, and Hebrew. between different issues, the publication appears at how Jewish humor channeled Jewish studying and wordsmanship into new avenues of creativity, introduced aid to liberal non-Jews in repressive societies, and enriched pop culture within the United States.

while it invitations readers to think about the pleasures and earnings of Jewish humor, the e-book asks tough yet interesting questions: Can the surplus and severe self-ridicule of Jewish humor pass too a ways and backfire within the procedure? And is "leave 'em laughing" the wisest motto for a people who others have meant to comb off the degree of history?

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Whence this? As it is said, And, behold, the four winds of the heaven broke forth upon the great sea (Dan. 7:2) [referring to Daniel’s vision of the four world kingdoms]. ’ ” Whence this? From what we have read in the section, AND SHALT SAY: I WILL SET A KING OVER ME, etc. (Deut. 17:14). . ” Hence the force of, I WILL SET A KING OVER ME. This bears out what Scripture says, Put not your trust in princes (Ps. 146:3). R. Simon said in the name of R. Joshua b. Levi: Whosoever puts his trust in the Holy One, blessed be He, is privileged to become like unto Him.

I Sam. 8:4–9) Samuel then proceeds to tell the Israelites all of the terrible things that kings will do to them. This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before his chariots. 12: And he will appoint him captains over thousands, and captains over fifties; and will set them to ear his ground, and to reap his harvest, and to make his instruments of war, and instruments of his chariots.

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