NĀNAK BĀNĪ ( VOL 2 ) by Harjeet Singh Gill

By Harjeet Singh Gill

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14) hail the devotees who resonate with His meditation who enjoy His bliss and benediction forlorn, the being prays for His love for His affection ! (15) 651 652 NĀNAK BĀNĪ those who were estranged who did not enjoy His love, His union they languished in pain, in separation they left their deserted homes in anguish, in dejection ! (16) accursed a hundred times a day and a thousand times at night the being involved in perversion and passion accursed is this life wasted in gluttony and guiles Nānak, bereft of His reflection there is depression, there is dejection !

18) as on the dark night the moon is hidden in the sky so is the Lord immanent in the heart of the devotee with the Word of the Guru the devotee perceives this mystery as the light of the moon enlightens the three worlds so the light of my Love shines in the whole universe with the grace of the Guru the devotee enjoys His love, His affection bereft of the grace of the Guru the ignorant is caught in the eternal cycle !

12) 675 676 NĀNAK BĀNĪ those who meditate and reflect escape the snares of greed and lust those who perceive His truth they live in His sublime refuge those who waste their lives in pretensions and guiles remain for ever in the wilderness of the mind the devotees resonate with His love and affection they enjoy His benevolence, His benediction ! (13) the devotees worship the Lord the Sovereign and the Creator of the universe those who pretend austerities and abstentions those who indulge in all kinds of crass live in greed and lust in dirt and dust with the Word of the Guru the devotees discern His truth they live in divine refuge !

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