Newfoundland Gothic by Peter Coffman

By Peter Coffman

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I,D. Ar AYAS :i :i. . l tt ! l N S t l r v t E A Lf,CW(E. )r AN: rDf Lwll,s hoxA{ €ilrx. d!. "assaRI"flENr'. CIf-. -""". D" t'J hJ *r TH ls o f 1 H E I , R A C . T . I SOJF. A R C H I T E T I V R Il"N. r H [ . t q . ATs-D. S \E\\'FOLINDLAND GOTHIC BEFORE ECCLESIOLOG)' fl,500. Elsewhereare ads for "elegantterminations cheap",and Gothic designtaught in six easylessons. " The page sums up the contempt Pugin had for the architectureof his age,which he considered vulgar, mercenary,superficial and morally vacuous.

Noplaceofpublicationisnamed,butitmaysafelybe presumed tobeTkillingate. 3. Manuel, 4). 4. 5. 5-6. Manuel, 51. 6-7. 7. FromFeild's \[:\\ I:OTI\DL-\\D GOTHIC BEFORE ECCLESIOLOG\' Feild'spraise of the church is somewhatsurprising, as he was to prove considerably lesspatientwith the speciesof CommissionersGothic that was plannedfor his cathedral in St. Either way, he recordsthat he duly consecratedthe church on a Thursday morning at 11:00o'clock, in the presenceof alarge congregation. sa Foremostamong the merchantswas one R.

89-91. 56. 77. 91. "26Their troubles were made more acute by a severeshortageof food, and only rctracing their stepsfor severaldays (itself not a simple task) savedtheir lives. These examplesof his tenacity and dedicationare no lessimpofiantto his appealthan his descriptionsof the needsof Newfoundlanders. Although Wix did not name thosesources,he spentconsiderabletime refuting them, quoting at somelength the responseof Nova ScotiaBishop John Inglis (in whose dioceseNewfoundland, at this time, fell)3, Endearingand entertainingas all this was and was surelymeantto be for its English audience,it lacked the senseof urgency necessaryfor a major fundraising drive.

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