New Information Technology and Participation in Europe 2000 by D. Frohlich, D. Fuchs, H. Krieger

By D. Frohlich, D. Fuchs, H. Krieger

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5. 1 Advanced LS Is; The logic circuits are designed using high-speed, high-density emitter-coupled-logic (ECL). Each ECL LSI can pack 15000 of 80 ps delay gates. 6 nano seconds access time are packed with 3500 logic gates together on the same chip. For the main storage, 1M-bit large-capacity static random access memory chips with 35 nano seconds access time were adopted. 37 Pig . 2 High Density Packaging; Pujitsu is the first to have introduced glass ceramics as a board material for greater transmission speed.

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Each frame has a unique frame name and consists of a set of slots as components which store attribute data associated to the frame. , a slot name, a datatype specification, slot value(s), demon(s), and an option. 4 A new modeling method of representing an arch in an extended frame representation scheme. 5 HEIGHT LENGTH WIDTH FUNCTION VALUE VALUE VALUE TEXT PhyslcalObJect A,B,C (SUPPORT B A), (SUPPORT C A), (RIGHTOF C B), (MUSTNOTTOUCH B C) NIL(Default 10) NIL(Default 10) NIL(Default 5) Toy FRAME: ISA HASPARTS Arch-X FRAME FLIST (a b c) Arch An example of frame descriptions for Arch and Arch-X according to the concept of the object model.

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