Nelson Maths Teacher's Resource: Sixth year of school by Jenny Feely, Melissa Dash, Glenda Bradley, Tony Doyle,

By Jenny Feely, Melissa Dash, Glenda Bradley, Tony Doyle, Pauline Rogers

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Ask, ‘What kinds of objects tended to have vertical and horizontal lines? What kinds were most likely to have curved lines? ’ Today I could not understand … Invite students to share their work from the Student Book. g. ‘Where did you find a vertical line? ’ Have students explain how to use their protractors. Record this as a set of instructions on a class chart. Have individuals share the shapes they made on the Student Book page using their protractors. g. 90º and 25º. ’ Have students view the class masterpieces.

G. represent the common thread linking the activities. ’ List suggestions on the whiteboard. Ask students to think of one addition problem and its solution in an everyday context. (For example, Ms Moneybags bought a car for $12 374. Her insurance cost $1 345. ) Have students share their problems in small groups. g. ‘sum’, ‘more’, ‘add’, ‘plus’, ‘increased’, ‘altogether’, etc. How Will I Do It? ’ List these. ’ Draw out the need to select a method based on the type of numbers involved. Ways of Doing It 1 Mental methods: breaking Write 32 403 + 47 869 on the whiteboard.

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. ’ Look for students who work systematically, using addition or other strategies to solve the problem. Spending $900 000 Have students use the newspaper classifieds to write their own subtraction problems showing how they would spend $900 000. Have them record these using formal subtraction notation. Units 7–8 To monitor and assess students’ understandings have them complete the ‘Check and Self-assessment’ page (Student Book p. 26). Whole Class Share Time Ask, ‘Why do you need to be able to subtract numbers?

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