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Convey your baby face-to-face with nature with this primary reference for younger animal fans, now in paperback. you could discover nature in all its glory and realize all approximately vegetation and animals and the place they live.

You can discover what existence is like underground, the place you'll find the world's ugliest fish and why fungi are so tremendous. it really is full of interest quizzes, 'turn and learn' bins and bite-sized nature evidence young children love getting their the teeth into, there's plenty to work out and explore.

Go forward, enable your kids take a stroll into the flora and fauna!

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Nutcrackers The canopy is full of fruits and nuts all year. Many animals and birds specialize in getting at this food. Pocket-sized monkey The pygmy marmoset is the world’s smallest monkey. It lives in the treetops of the Amazon jungle, searching for fruits and insects. Birds fly from branch to branch, ready to take off if danger threatens. Chestnut-eared aracari Clay It’s good for us Many rainforest seeds are poisonous. Macaws get round this by eating clay before their seed meal. A mineral in the clay absorbs the poisons in the seeds.

Curiosity quiz Look through the Grasslands pages and see if you can identify the picture clues below. Sun Some grasslands are hot, sunny, and very dry for much of the year. Fire is a natural and important part of grassland life. Wind sweeps across grasslands, as there are no trees to break its flow. Tornados are a common occurrence on North American prairies. Browsing on trees Giraffes live on the African savanna, in areas where they can nibble on acacia and wild apricot trees. Become an expert...

Become an expert... on a grassland’s grazers and browsers, pages 50-51 47 Some by lightning, and some by people who want to clear away dead growth. Grasslands A Sea of Grass Most plants grow from the top, but grass grows from the bottom. This means it can grow back if it’s eaten, or if it is flattened by being trampled. Grass shedding seed Grass seed Grass plants use the wind to spread their pollen (the fine dust that passes from male flowers to female flowers) and their seeds. Grass clump The cycle of life Tropical grasslands have wet and dry seasons.

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