Natural Products: Essential Resources for Human Survival by Yi-Zhun Zhu, Boon-Huat Bay, Benny K.-H. Tan, Chang-Hong Liu

By Yi-Zhun Zhu, Boon-Huat Bay, Benny K.-H. Tan, Chang-Hong Liu

A fantastic textual content for the common product scientist trying to find new suggestions in study, this quantity includes the most recent details on natural/plant assets. the excellent chapters disguise the chemistry and pharmacology of a variety of average items from chinese language natural drugs to tea extracts, microbes to marine sponges, and the most recent applied sciences to augment the synthesis, isolation and purification of bioactive natural compounds from those items. including extra worth to the publication are chapters on new instruments in info expertise which can significantly facilitate the learn of typical product scientists, and the applied sciences to be had for comparing medicinal natural items for purity.

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China. Methods SupercriticalCO, Extraction graph and technologyparameters are shown in Figure 1 and Table 1, respectively. 880g dry tea powder and supercritical CO, are introduced into bottle A. When the air flow passed through the tea, it carried a lot of volatile compounds to form the supercritical"fluid"; the pressure at that time was 10-30Mpa. After that, the airflow expanded to bottle B. At a pressure of 5-7 Mpa, the volatile compounds are extracted. The pure CO, that had no extracted compounds are released from bottle B and compressed in bottle A by a pump.

Its density is several hundred times as much as the gas and close to that of liquid. Its mobility is also close to fluid. Its viscosity, however, is close to that of gas while its diffusibility is between gas and liquid and far greater than that of liquid. Supercritical fluid thus has high dissolving ability. CO, becomes the most commonlyused media in SFE technologybecause it is innocuous, colorless, odorless, not corrosive, has low supercritical temperature and is convenient to obtain. In the last 30 years, extraction technology has developed very fast in its applicationsto the food industry [ 11 such as the extraction of of caffeine in coffee [2] and the extraction of DHA from fish oil [31.

J Cell Biochem 2006; In Press Yu Y, Sun P, Sun LC, Liu GY, Chen GH, Shang LH et al. Downregulation of MDM2 expression by RNAi inhibits LoVo human colorectal adenocarcinoma cells growth and the treatment of LoVo cells with mdm2siRNA3 enhances the sensitivity to cisplatin. BiochemBiophys Res Commun 2006; 339:71-8 Song E, Lee SK, Wang J, Ince N, Ouyang N, Min J et al. RNA interference targeting Fas protects mice from fulminant hepatitis. Nat. Med 2003; 9: 34751 Braasch DA, Jensen S, Liu Y, Kaur K, Arar K, White MA et al.

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