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Step 6. Maximize the Softgoals and Still Satisfaying the Goals. In this step the stakeholder creates a list of softgoals sorted by priority (the softgoals priority was stablished in the list from Step 1 by the stakeholder) and a list of goals that the Web application has to achieve. For this case, the softgoals priority list is shown in Table 3. Table 3. - Obtain more complete info” Step 7. Select the Pareto Optimal Configuration. Finally, according to Table 3, the two most important softgoals to maximize are “S4” and “S2”.

For computing the objective functions in this running example, the following matrix (1) is defined containing the quantification of each requirement to softgoals, as explained in the previous section. As an example, row 3, (requirement “Normal review process”), column 2 (softgoal “Review process easier”), shows “+4” in the matrix, indicating a “Make” contribution if the requirement is implemented, and on the other side, if the requirement “Blind review process” (row 1) is implemented, column 2 will be indicating “-4” in the matrix, this means a “Break” contribution.

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