My Country School Diary by Julia Weber

By Julia Weber

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Joseph acted badly, showing off before our new boy, because Fred was an appreciative audience. I talked with Fred later and explained that we take no notice of Joseph because he is not responsible for what he does. We know better and so we cannot do the things Joseph does. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2. Olga and Anna hectographed our newspaper today. When they finished we had to stop work to read it. The children are pleased with the result. We began to make Christmas cards for our parents and friends.

No serving will be done until everyone has washed his hands and is in his seat. When all have been served, we shall say grace. The cooks must be sure there is water being heated for dishwashing and must leave the kitchen in order. All will remain seated while the dishes are gathered, rinsed, and stacked. The dishwasher will get two pans ready, one with warm soapy water for washing, the other with scalding water for rinsing. When the children go out to play, some will remain to wash and dry the oilcloth mats, to sweep the room and to get it in readiness for the afternoon.

They were much quieter than the first group. To Olga it was a new experience to do any traveling, even this short distance. Conversation turned around nature and Indians. Ralph has been especially interested in finding fossils ever since I told the Forestry Club, the story of the formation of this part of our earth. Ralph also noticed the fold in the layers of rock along the River road, and asked about it. I prompted the children to tell me what they thought and I found that they have a fair understanding of the geological development of the Gap.

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