Multilingual Dictionary of Agronomic Plants by S. Rehm (auth.), S. Rehm (eds.)

By S. Rehm (auth.), S. Rehm (eds.)

The Dictionary includes the names of approximately 2500 plant species, at times together with subspecies and types. Tropical vegetation from all components of the area obtain a similar recognition as these from the temperate area. universal names are given not just in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish but additionally in lots of different languages, the place such names are utilized in the technical literature.
`Agronomic crops' include not just the rural and horticultural vegetation but in addition pasture vegetation, eco-friendly manure, soil covers, bushes utilized in agroforestry, and significant weeds. additionally integrated are crops that are almost immediately being mentioned as new plants, with massive fiscal worth. The Dictionary will meet the desires not just of scientists in agriculture, botany and geography but in addition these of agricultural extensionists, retailers in agricultural items translators.

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BR imbauba e trumpettree bois cannon g Trompetenbaum s guarumo, yagrumo 572 Cedrela odorata L. BR cedro aromatico e West Indian cedar, Spanish cedar cedre acajou, cedre des barbares g westindische Zeder s cedro colorado, cedro real Castanea vesca Gaertn. -> 564 Castanopsis inermis Benth. f. -> 565 565 Syn. DC. C. inermis Benth. f. berangan berangan padi 47 573-583 573 Syn. ) Gaertn. 579 Syn. BR e f RP s Eriodendron anfractuosum DC. sumauma, sumaumeira silk cotton tree, kapok tree arbe kapok, capoc, kapokier Kapokbaum ceiba, arhol capoc, ceibo Celosia argentea L.

E turnsole, giradol, dyer's croton tournesol des teinturiers, maurelle g Lackmuskraut p tomassol s giradol, tomasol Chrysobalmaus waco L. agiru cocoplum, icaco icaquier, icacier, prune colon g lcacopflaume s ciruela de algod6n, icaco 613 BR e f 609 Syn. ) L. C. ; Balsamita suaveolens Pers. costrnary tanaisie balsamite, menthe romain Marienbalsam, Marienblatt hierba de biilsamo, hierba romana 610 Syn. ) Vis. Pyrethrum cinerariifolium Trey. pyrethrum pyrethre de Dalmatie Pyrethrum piretro pelitre, piretro 614 Syn.

Syn. C. calisaya Wedd. e quinine, yellow bark, China bark quinquina jaune g Chinarindenbaum p quina amarela s quino, quinquina, arbol de la quina e brush grass barbon Grillon g Goldbart s crisapogon mayor 617 Cicerarietinum L. e chickpea, gram, Bengal gram pois chiche g Kichererbse p grao de bico s garbanzo Cinchona offtcinalis L. ledgeriana Howard -> 621 623 Cinchona pubescens Vahl Syn. C. succirubra Pav. ex KJotzsch e quinine, red bark, druggist's bark quinquina rouge p quina do Amazonas s cincona, quina amarilla, cascarilla 618 Cichorium endivia L.

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