Morality as a Biological Phenomenon: The Pre-Suppositions of by Gunther S. Stent (Editor)

By Gunther S. Stent (Editor)

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Habermas (1984:109–10) describes this latter as a ‘double hermeneutic’, where people strive to interpret and operate in an already interpreted world. By way of contrast, an emerging approach to educational research is the paradigm of critical educational research. This regards the two previous paradigms as presenting incomplete accounts of social behaviour by their neglect of the political and ideological contexts of much educational research. Positivistic and interpretive paradigms are seen as preoccupied with technical and hermeneutic knowledge respectively (Gage, 1989).

5 which sets out the sequence of stages through which a science normally passes in its development or, perhaps more realistically, that are constantly present in its progress and on which scientists may draw depending on the kind of information they seek or the kind of problem confronting them. Of particular interest to us in our efforts to elucidate the term ‘scientific method’ are stages 2, 3 and 4. Stage 2 is a relatively uncomplicated point at which the researcher is content to observe and record facts and possibly arrive at some system of classification.

Investigators work directly with experience and understanding to build their theory on them. The data thus yielded will be glossed with the meanings and purposes of those people who are their source. Further, the theory so generated must make sense to those to whom it applies. The aim of scientific investigation for the interpretive researcher is to understand how this glossing of reality goes on at one time and in one place and compare it with what goes on in different times and places. Thus theory becomes sets of meanings which yield insight and understanding of people’s behaviour.

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