GAZ-69AM (Model Detail Photo Monograph 18) by Pawel Sembrat

By Pawel Sembrat

GAZ-69AM monograph is 18th booklet within the version element picture Monograph by way of Rossagraph corporation from Poland. The tender disguise publication is a bi-lingual unencumber with al the textual content published in either Polish and English.The ebook begins with a desk containing motor vehicle requisites and a pair paragraphs lengthy heritage of the car, together with a listing of assorted versions produced. black and white old images of Polish military GAZ outfitted with 12.7mm DSzK computer gun are revealed subsequent. photographs have been most likely taken in 1960s.On following pages are images of a truly good preserved GAZ-69AM. those begin with a chain of normal perspectives after which we get lots of images displaying the entire information of the automobile. external, inside, engine and suspension info have been photographed. usually a similar half is proven from a number of angles to bare all its positive factors. photos are followed through captions in languages. The English translation of textual content is a section awkward in areas, however it might be understandable and the price of the publication is in images besides. there's a number of high quality bw and colour drawings from technical manuals integrated. Majority of photographs are published in complete colour, yet there also are a few black and white images within the ebook. In overall e-book comprises sixty seven colour and 30 bw pictures plus six illustrations.

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