Mindfulness: Diverse Perspectives on its Meaning, Origins, by J. Mark G. Williams (Editor), Jon Kabat-Zinn (Editor)

By J. Mark G. Williams (Editor), Jon Kabat-Zinn (Editor)

Mindfulness-based ways to medication, psychology, neuroscience, healthcare, schooling, enterprise management, and different significant societal associations became more and more universal. New paradigms are rising from a confluence of 2 robust and probably synergistic epistemologies: one bobbing up from the knowledge traditions of Asia and the opposite coming up from post-enlightenment empirical science.

This ebook provides the paintings of across the world well known specialists within the fields of Buddhist scholarship and medical examine, in addition to the implementation of mindfulness in healthcare and schooling settings. participants reflect on using mindfulness all through heritage and think about the particular that means of mindfulness when making a choice on the main salient parts for power synergy and for capability disjunction.

Mindfulness: varied views on its Meanings, Origins and functions offers a spot the place knowledge teachings, philosophy, heritage, technological know-how and private meditation perform meet. It was once initially released as a different factor of latest Buddhism.

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In his earliest works, written in German, he had rendered sati as achtsamkeit, which means ‘attentiveness, heedfulness, . . ’22 Thus, whereas ‘mindfulness’ might be regarded as synonymous with ‘attentiveness’ in the sense of sustained attention, when it is glossed as ‘bare attention’ this risks confounding sati and manasika¯ra, deliberate mindfulness and the automatic act of advertence. I think it was this conflation of the two technical terms that led Gunaratana, in the passage cited above, to identify mindfulness with the brief moment of non-conceptual awareness that precedes the arising of concepts and discursive thought.

This word is upattha¯na. Upattha¯na means, firstly, ‘setting up, __ __ establishing,’ which is what one does with mindfulness. Already in the Nika¯yas the word is closely connected with sati. The compound satipat tha¯na is itself composed __ of sati and upat tha¯na. The four satipattha¯nas are the four establishments of __ __ mindfulness, a process of setting up mindfulness, distinguished as fourfold by way of its objective domains. This analysis indicates that to establish mindfulness is not to set about remembering something that occurred in the past, but to adopt a particular stance towards one’s present experience.

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