Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 Scalability with SP1 and SP2 by Pierre Bijaoui (Auth.)

By Pierre Bijaoui (Auth.)

Content material:

, Pages xiii-xiv

, Pages xv-xvii

, Pages xix-xxi
1 - alternate 2003 Architecture

, Pages 1-48
2 - trade 2003 Scalability

, Pages 49-123
3 - Microsoft alternate and home windows Server

, Pages 125-182
4 - applied sciences for alternate 2003 Deployments

, Pages 183-328
5 - Optimizing trade 2003

, Pages 329-423
6 - functionality and Monitoring

, Pages 425-536
7 - most sensible Practices

, Pages 537-564

, Pages 565-587

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Trust Microsoft for its ability to optimize its environment and make the most of a 32-bit operating system, because that’s basically what you have in the Exchange 2003 “generation” product. The industry is very interested in the adoption and the ability for Microsoft Exchange to operate on 64-bit environments, but it is too early at this point to see how fast it will adopt a 64-bit operating system and application. 1 Native Content Native content enables the Exchange 2003 ESE to handle data in the native protocol transmissions format.

It is a mixture of being able to scale up server configurations, or sometimes even scale them down, and often scale out the server infrastructure. We cover scalability in Chapter 2 in much greater detail. The principal scalability features found with Exchange 2003 (up to SP2) are as follows: The ability to partition and deploy many user or public Information Stores on a single server, using several databases logically grouped in storage groups. 5. This reduces the number of directory service instances (decrease of replication traffic) and simplifies the configuration of the Microsoft Exchange servers.

The STORE process issues a set of IOCTL commands, which are queued to the ExIFS, and when the ExIFS needs to communicate with the STORE, it completes an IOCTL call and provides information requests in the status buffer. This reminds me of when we used to pass information between device drivers and calling programs with the means of the I/O Status Block (IOSB) data structure in SYS$QIO calls, but that is ancient history (at least for me). 6 The STORE Process This is a very efficient mechanism; once the write operation has completed, the property promotion can happen as well as storage of the metadata transmitted by the Epoxy layer (which is not really tuned to handle large quantities of data interchanged between IIS and STORE), which contains the famous file handle, such that the STORE can further reference the file by means of ExIFS without having to create a new file handle.

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