Methods of Adipose Tissue Biology, Part B by Ormond A Macdougald

By Ormond A Macdougald

This ebook is a must have for an individual attracted to weight problems or the body structure of white or brown adipose tissues. It includes state of the art equipment from researchers which are global leaders during this box. specified lab protocols variety from the way to visualize adipocytes and adipose tissues in people and experimental types, to transform stem cells into white and brown adipocytes in vitro, to guage elements of adipocyte metabolism, to inducibly knock out genes in adipose tissues, and to guage transcriptional keep an eye on of adipogenesis on an international scale.

1) The examine of adipose tissue is going hand in hand with our worldwide attempt to appreciate and opposite the epidemic of weight problems and linked clinical complications.

2) members contain prime researchers who've made large contributions to our skill to enquire white and brown adipose tissues.

3) the big variety of experimental techniques particular inside of this quantity: together with the overview of adipose tissue biology on the molecular, biochemical, mobile, tissue, and organismal levels.

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1038/375244a0. Petrie, R. , Chadwick, R. , & Yamada, K. M. (2012). Nonpolarized signaling reveals two distinct modes of 3D cell migration. The Journal of Cell Biology, 197(3), 439–455. 201201124. Pollard, T. , & Borisy, G. G. (2003). Cellular motility driven by assembly and disassembly of actin filaments. Cell, 112(4), 453–465. 1016/S0092-8674(03) 00120-X. , Doillon, C. , & Mantovani, D. (2007). Preparation of ready-to-use, storable and reconstituted type I collagen from rat tail tendon for tissue engineering applications.

11140-076) Penicillin/streptomycin 100 Â Solution (Invitrogen, Grand Island, NY; Cat. No. 15140-163) Plasmanate (Talecris, Research Triangle Park, NC; Cat. No. 613-25) Rosiglitazone (Cayman Chemical, Ann Arbor, MI; Cat. No. 25%) (Invitrogen, Grand Island, NY; Cat. No. 2. Inducible lentivirus production It is crucial to use high-quality HEK293T cells for getting high virus titer. The plasmids for virus production can be isolated with a commercial kit to ensure purity and quality. Transfection reagents, 2Â BBS, and CaCl2 should be validated by a GFP reporter before use.

Protocol for thawing cells 1. Remove vial(s) from cryostorage system and immediately place in 37  C water bath for 60–90 s. Remove as soon as cells are thawed. 2. Add 1 ml of GM in the cell vial, pipette up and down to mix, and transfer the contents of the vial to centrifuge tubes containing GM. 3. Centrifuge for 5 min at 500 Â g. 4. Aspirate off the supernatant and resuspend cells in GM. 5. Count the cells for plating or just plate into 10 cm dishes overnight and split on the following day. 4.

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