Mercedes-Benz 190 Automotive Repair Manual Haynes 1984-1988 by John Haynes

By John Haynes

Инструкция по ремонту и обслуживанию Mercedes-Benz one hundred ninety (моделей c бензиновыми двигателями). Дано детальное описание всех узлов и агрегатов и советы по их эксплуатации и техобслуживанию. Чертежи, таблицы и схемы электрооборудования.

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G. also on bends – it is essential that the preceding vehicles can be allocated to the correct lane(s). For this purpose, the information from the ESP sensor system (yaw rate, steering angle, wheel speeds and lateral acceleration) is evaluated with regard to the ACCequipped vehicle’s own curve status. electronic diesel control (EDC) for diesel engines 3 Active brake 1 Adaptive cruise control (ACC) intervention via ESP Control and display 6 unit 5 Engine-control 2 intervention 6 N electrically 4 A 6 C by means of 5 adjustable throttle valve (ME or DI Motronic) Transmission-shift control by means of electronic transmission control (optional) AN Sensors 7 7 1 C 6 6 6 3 6 UAE0732-3Y 4 Electrical and electronic systems in the vehicle | Adaptive cruise control (ACC) | 55 Setting options The driver inputs the desired speed and the desired time gap; the time gap available to the driver usually ranges from 1 to 2 s.

To achieve optimum visibility (sufficient luminous intensity without excessive glare), the rear lights may in future vary luminous intensity to suit the vehicle surrounding (Fig. 17). A stop lamp, for example, would be lit with high luminous intensity in sunlight and with low luminous intensities at night to ensure that other road users are able to recognize and draw the correct conclusion from the action of the vehicle. Permitted luminous intensity of adaptive rear lights by comparison with conventional systems 1,200 cd 1,000 800 600 400 0 Tail lamp Adaptive tail lamp Stop lamp Adaptive stop lamp Rear fog lamp Adaptive rear fog lamp Turnsignal lamp Adaptive turnsignal lamp SKB0892-1E 200 Electrical and electronic systems in the vehicle | Lighting technology | 43 Cornering lights (Europe) The cornering lights function that has been approved for use in Germany since 2003 improves visual range on corners and in turning situations.

3) consists of the following: Hydraulic modulator with 5 Damping chamber 6 Return pump 7 Intake valve 8 Exhaust valve 9 Brake-fluid 2 Principle of hydraulic modulator with 2/2 solenoid valves (schematic) 1 3 ABS control loop 2 ABS ECU accumulator 5 3 Calculate (actual slip) Controlled variable Intake valve: shown in open Regulate (required slip) setting 6 Monitor Exhaust valve: setting 6 7 Hydraulic modulator with solenoid valves Act on brake pressure 5 Fig. g. g. g. spare wheel) ▶ Brake hysteresis and fade ▶ Differences in master-cylinder pressure between the two brake circuits Controller The wheel-speed sensors ▶ The ABS control unit ▶ Controlled variables Wheel speed and, derived from it, wheel deceleration ▶ Wheel acceleration and brake slip ▶ The reference variable The foot pressure applied to the brake pedal by the driver – amplified by the brake booster – generates the brake pressure in the brake system ▶ The correcting variable ▶ Brake pressure in the wheel-brake cylinder ▶ An idealized coefficient of friction slip curve (substitute for the friction pairing of tire and road) That curve is divided into a stable zone with a linear gradient and an unstable zone with a constant progression (µHFmax).

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