Meet the Kinect - An Intro. to Pgmg. Nat. User Intfcs. by S. Kean,

By S. Kean,

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Com/2011/04/03/kinect-pattern-uncovered/ for more information). These dots look like random static, until you see that there is a repeating pattern with nine sections that make up a checkerboard. This light array is visible using a program like RGBDemo, which provides access to the IR image stream. The pattern is structured in a way that makes the detection of any set of dots registerable within the scope of the entire set – this is the essence of the architecture behind the PrimeSense depth sensor system (Figure 2-5).

Receiving full 3D data of their bodies, you may be able to tilt your head and look around them as if they were there, something not possible with today’s 2D cameras. Expect a whole class of applications that invite you to “digitize” people and objects in your home and bring them into a game or novel application. Now, you know what the real Kinect data looks like and have a perspective on the kind of experiences that are possible in the not-toodistant future. The rest of the book will go into more detail on how body-tracking points extracted from this “voxelated” physical information can be used today to design applications with natural, gestural interfaces.

If the sensor is having a hard time finding you, try switching to party mode for easier calibration. Figure 3-9. Kamehameha calibration and transformation Kamehameha was the name of the first king of Hawaii. He was purportedly born around 1738 when Haley’s Comet was making its fiery journey across the sky. The timing was significant because legend at the time spoke of a great king born under a comet who would unify the islands. In the Dragon Ball series, Kamehameha refers to a signature energy attack, which is the move that you will be able to perform with this application.

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