Medicinal and Aromatic Plants VIII by A. C. Figueiredo, M. S. S. Pais, J. J. C. Scheffer (auth.),

By A. C. Figueiredo, M. S. S. Pais, J. J. C. Scheffer (auth.), Professor Dr. Y. P. S. Bajaj (eds.)

This quantity comprises twenty-six chapters at the biotechnology of medicinal and fragrant vegetation.
It bargains with the distribution, monetary value, traditional propagation, micropropagation, tissue tradition reviews, and the in vitro creation of vital medicinal and pharmaceutical compounds in a number of species of Achillea, Anethum, Aquilaria, Arnica, Aspergillus, Astragalus, Catalpa, Chelidonium, Eremophila, Eucalyptus, Eucommia, Geranium, Heterocentron, Hypericum, Maclura, Morinda, Mortierella, Nicotiana, Phaseolus, Pinellia, Piqueria, Psorales, Rhodiola, Sanguisorba, Valeriana, and Vancouveria.

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4. Effect of sucrose levels on callus cultures. (unpub!. 2 Effect of Sucrose Level The normal level of sucrose used was 3%. Media were prepared containing 0, 1, 5, 10% sucrose. The calli were subcultured every 5 weeks for three generations. At each subculturing stage the callus was analyzed and the fresh weight and appearance were noted. Figure 4 shows the effect of sucrose levels on growth of callus cultures. The growth rate increased with an increase in the percentage of sucrose added to the medium.

Stain Techno!. 39: 111-115 Motl 0, Ochir G, Kubeczka K-H (1990) Composition of Achillea asiatica Serg. essential oi!. Flavour fragr J 5: 153-155 Pharmacopoea Helvetica (1979-1991) 7th edn (ed Francaise). Office Central Federal des Imprimes et du Materiel, Berne Pharmacopoea Hungarica (1970) 6th edn. Lang B (ed) Akademiai Kiad6, Budapest. pp 89-90 Phillipson JD, Anderson LA (1984) HerbaI remedies used in sedative and antirheumatic preparation: part 2 Pharm J 233: 111-114 Preitschopf A, Michler B, Arnold C-G (1989) Achillea millefolium: occurrence, ploidal level, and pro azulene variation.

1992a). 2 Influence of Environmental Conditions and Organ Development on the Essential Oils from Flower Heads of Two Populations The composition of the essential oils from flower heads at different stages of development from two populations of A. C. Figueiredo et al. 12 Garden ofLisbon and in the Canecao Garden of Almada, was also analyzed by GC and GC-MS (Figueiredo et al. 1992b). The yields of oils isolated from the flower heads during the different stages ofthe flowering period ofthe plants were similar (ca.

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