Medical marijuana laws in 50 states: Investigating the by Sandro Galea, Deborah Hasin

By Sandro Galea, Deborah Hasin

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Medical marijuana legislation in 50 states: Investigating the connection among country legalization of scientific marijuana and marijuana use, abuse and dependence • Article
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, quantity a hundred and twenty, factor 1-3, January 2012, Pages 22-27
Cerda, M.; Wall, M.; Keyes, K.M.; Galea, S.; Hasin, D.


Marijuana is the main usually used illicit substance within the usa. Little is understood of the position that macro-level components, together with neighborhood norms and legislation regarding substance use, play in identifying marijuana use, abuse and dependence. We validated the connection among state-level legalization of scientific marijuana and marijuana use, abuse, and dependence.

We used the second one wave of the nationwide Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and comparable stipulations (NESARC), a countrywide survey of adults elderly 18+ (n = 34,653). chosen analyses have been replicated utilizing the nationwide Survey on Drug Use and health and wellbeing (NSDUH), a every year survey of ∼68,000 contributors elderly 12+. We measured past-year hashish use and DSM-IV abuse/dependence.

In NESARC, citizens of states with clinical marijuana legislation had larger odds of marijuana use (OR: 1.92; ninety five% CI: 1.49–2.47) and marijuana abuse/dependence (OR: 1.81; ninety five% CI: 1.22–2.67) than citizens of states with no such legislation. Marijuana abuse/dependence was once no more standard between marijuana clients in those states (OR: 1.03; ninety five% CI: 0.67–1.60), suggesting that the better probability for marijuana abuse/dependence in those states was once accounted for by means of greater charges of use. In NSDUH, states that legalized clinical marijuana additionally had larger premiums of marijuana use.

States that legalized clinical marijuana had better charges of marijuana use. destiny learn must research even if the organization is causal, or is because of an underlying universal reason, similar to group norms supportive of the legalization of clinical marijuana and of marijuana use.

neighborhood norms;
clinical marijuana laws;
Substance use disorders;

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