Mechanisms of Leukocyte Activation by Arnost Kleinzeller, Sergio Grinstein and Ori D. Rotstein

By Arnost Kleinzeller, Sergio Grinstein and Ori D. Rotstein (Eds.)

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A . 86, 988-992. 1. GENOMIC ORGANIZATION AND POLYMORPHISM OF TcR 17 Pardoll, D. , Kruisbeek, A. M.. Fowlkes. B. J . , Coligan, J. , and Schwartz, R. H. (1987). The unfolding story of T cell receptor y. FASEB J. I , 103-109. , and Karjalainer, K . (1987). A new mouse TcR V, gene that shows remarkable evolutionary conservation. EMBU J , 6 , 1941- 1944. , Murre. , Dialynas, D. , Strominger, J. , and Seidman, J. G. (1986). Human T-cell y genes contain N segments and have marked junctional variability.

1968; Snyderman ('t a / . , 1968). C5a possesses not only chemodttractant activity but also potent anaphylatoxic activity. The molecule has been purified and sequenced and is now known to exert its biological activity through specific receptors on the cell surface of inflammatory cells (Chenoweth and Hugli, 1978; Hugli and Mullcr-Eberhard, 1978). Other biologically relevant chemoattractants are those derived from bacterial culture supernatants that were subsequently identified as N-formylated oligopcptides.

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