Maurice Bishop Speaks to US Workers: Why the US Invaded by Maurice Bishop

By Maurice Bishop

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XPS spectra were collected on a Surface Science X-Probe instrument with a monochromatized Al-kal,2 x-ray source and a hemispherical analyzer. The take off angle was 55° from the surface normal, resulting in a sampling depth of approximately 50 A. The samples were attached to the aluminum sample platform with double-sided tape. Charge compensation was provided by a 5eV flood gun and a fme nickel screen 1-2mm above the samples. Survey scans for elemental composition and high resolution scans for carbon were collected at one 1000 ~-tm spot per sample.

Cis NEXAFS spectra from a remote TFE RFGD film on silicon. transitions from the Cls orbital to C-F and C-C cr* orbitals of the carbon atoms present in the film. The first peak, which shows the largest variation with changing the orientation of the sample, is due to a transition to a C-F cr* orbital. Transitions to cr* orbitals have their highest intensities when the electric field vector of the polarized X -ray beam is parallel to the bond orbital that the C 1s electron is being excited into. Likewise, the minimum intensity is observed when the X-ray electric field vector is perpendicular to the bond orbital.

Interaction between blood compatible hydrogels containing poly(oxyethylene) chains. W. S. D. A. , Plenum Press, New York, p361-74 (1984). 6. N. Morosoff. Chapter 1: An introduction to plasma polymerization. Plasma Deposition, Treatment, and Etching of Polymers. R. , San Diego, (1990). 7. H. Yasuda. , Orlando, FL (1985). 8. P. D. Ratner. Substrate temperature effects on film chemistry in plasma deposition of organics. I: Nonpolymerizable Precursors, Langmuir 7:766 (1991). 9. D. Briggs, A. C. Vickerman.

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