Math games and activities from around the world by Claudia Zaslavsky

By Claudia Zaslavsky

Greater than 70 math video games, puzzles, and initiatives from around the world are incorporated during this pleasant ebook for children.

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1 #2 #3 #4 Players take turns. Each player holds the sticks in one hand and lets them fall to the ground or the table. GAMES OF CHANCE PLAYING THE GAME THINGS TO THINK ABOUT Is this a fair way to score the game? Try to think of a better way to score. There are sixteen different ways that four sticks can fall. Here are three ways. How many more can you find? Copy this table and finish it. Figure 24 Figure 24 51 Chapter 4 [44-59]_ Chapter 4 [44-59] 12/7/10 10:50 AM Page 52 Igba-Ita from Nigeria GAMES OF CHANCE Figure 25 52 Igba-Ita (EE-bah-EE-tah) is a game of chance played by the Igbo (EE-boh) people of Nigeria.

The marked sides are called the faces. Figure 21 Chapter 4 [44-59]_ Chapter 4 [44-59] 12/7/10 10:50 AM Page 47 PLAYING THE GAME THINGS TO THINK ABOUT The players decide in advance how many rounds they will play. They take turns tossing the disks. Each player has two tosses before passing the disks to the next person. To toss the disks, a player holds the four disks in both hands and drops them onto the table or the ground. If all the disks fall face up, the player scores ten points and tosses all four disks again.

This is called “eating” the enemy, just as a lion eats its prey. A player may not have more than three counters in a continuous line at any time. A row made during the “placing” stage does not count. A player who makes two rows in one move may capture only one of the opponent’s counters. See the diagram for an example. Figure 8b The game ends when one player can no longer make a row. Then the opponent is the winner. Can you plan how to arrange five counters so that you can make a row on each move?

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