Materials for Nonlinear Optics. Chemical Perspectives by Seth R. Marder, Galen D. Stucky, John E. Sohn

By Seth R. Marder, Galen D. Stucky, John E. Sohn

content material: Linear and nonlinear polarizability : a primer / Galen D. Stucky, Seth R. Marder, and John E. Sohn --
Second-order nonlinear optical techniques in molecules and solids / David J. Williams --
Third-order nonlinear optical results in molecular and polymeric fabrics / Paras N. Prasad --
Nonlinear optical houses of molecules and fabrics / Joseph W. Perry --
digital hyperpolarizability and chemical constitution / David N. Beratan --
Electrooptic polymer waveguide units : prestige and functions / R. Lytel, G.F. Lipscomb, E.S. Binkley, J.T. Kenney, and A.J. Ticknor --
Waveguiding and waveguide purposes of nonlinear natural fabrics / George I. Stegeman --
Nonlinear optical fabrics : the nice and close to nice / David F. Eaton --
Donor- and acceptor-substituted natural and organometallic compounds : second-order nonlinear optical houses / Wilson Tam, Lap-Tak Cheng, J.D. Bierlein, L.K. Cheng, Y. Wang, A.E. Feiring, G.R. Meredith, David F. Eaton, J.C. Calabrese, and G.L.J.A. Rikken --
Use of a sulfonyl team in fabrics for nonlinear optical fabrics : a bifunctional electron acceptor / Abraham Ulman, Craig S. Willand, Werner Köhler, Douglas R. Robello, David J. Williams, and Laura Handley --
natural and organometallic compounds : second-order molecular and macroscopic optical nonlinearities / Seth R. Marder, Bruce G. Tiemann, Joseph W. Perry, Lap-Tak Cheng, Wilson Tam, William P. Schaefer, and Richard E. Marsh --
Chemistry of anomalous-dispersion phase-matched moment harmonic iteration / P.A. Cahill and K.D. Singer --
purposes of natural second-order nonlinear optical fabrics / G.C. Bjorklund, S. Ducharme, W. Fleming, D. Jungbauer, W.E. Moerner, J.D. Swalen, Robert J. Twieg, C.G. Willson, and Do Y. Yoon --
Chromophore-polymer assemblies for nonlinear optical fabrics : routes to new thin-film frequency-doubling fabrics / D.-R. Dai, M.A. Hubbard, D. Li, J. Park, M.A. Ratner, T.J. Marks, Jian Yang, and George okay. Wong --
Novel covalently functionalized amorphous [chi]² nonlinear optical polymer : synthesis and characterization / Ayusman Sen, Manfred Eich, Robert J. Twieg, and Do Y. Yoon --
Second-order nonlinear optical polyphosphazenes / Alexa A. Dembek, Harry R. Allcock, Chulhee Kim, Robert L.S. Devine, William H. Steier, Yongqiang Shi, and Charles W. Spangler --
Molecular layout for stronger electrical box orientation of second-order nonlinear optical chromophores / H.E. Katz, M.L. Schilling, W.R. Holland, and T. Fang --
Nonlinear optical chromophores in photocrosslinked matrices : synthesis, poling, and moment harmonic iteration / Douglas R. Robello, Craig S. Willand, Michael Scozzafava, Abraham Ulman, and David J. Williams --
Thermal results on dopant orientation in poled, doped polymers : use of moment harmonic new release / Hilary L. Hampsch, Jian Yang, George okay. Wong, and John M. Torkelson --
natural polymers as guided wave fabrics / Karl W. Beeson, Keith A. Horn, Michael McFarland, Ajay Nahata, Chengjiu Wu, and James T. Yardley --
practical waveguides with optically nonlinear natural fabrics / okay. Sasaki --
watching excessive moment harmonic iteration and keep an eye on of molecular alignment in a single size : cyclobutenediones as a promising new acceptor for nonlinear optical fabrics / Lyong solar Pu --
approach and strategies within the look for new harmonic-generating crystals / Stephan P. Velsko --
improvement of latest nonlinear optical crystals within the borate sequence / Chuangtian Chen --
disorder chemistry of nonlinear optical oxide crystals / Patricia A. Morris --
disorder houses and the photorefractive impact in barium titanate / Barry A. Wechsler, Daniel Rytz, Marvin B. Klein, and Robert N. Schwartz --
what's fabrics chemistry? / R.A. Laudise --
From molecular to supramolecular nonlinear optical homes / J.-M. Lehn --
keep an eye on of symmetry and asymmetry in hydrogen-bonded nitroaniline fabrics / M.C. Etter, K.S. Huang, G.M. Frankenbach, and D.A. Adsmond --
Molecular orbital modeling of monomeric aggregates in fabrics with most likely nonlinear optical homes / J.J. Dannenberg --
thoughts for layout of solids with polar association / R. Popovitz-Biro, L. Addadi, L. Leiserowitz, and M. Lahav --
Ferroelectric liquid crystals designed for digital nonlinear optical functions / David M. Walba, M. Blanca Ros, Noel A. Clark, Renfan Shao, Kristina M. Johnson, Michael G. Robinson, J.Y. Liu, and David Doroski --
version polymers with distyrylbenzene segments for third-order nonlinear optical homes / T.E. pals and C.K. Ober --
Composites : novel fabrics for moment harmonic new release / C.B. Aakeröy, N. Azoz, P.D. Calvert, M. Kadim, A.J. McCaffery, and K.R. Seddon --
Clathrasils : new fabrics for nonlinear optical functions / Hee okay. Chae, Walter G. Klemperer, David A. Payne, Carlos T.A. Suchicital, Douglas R. Wake, and Scott R. Wilson --
Inorganic sol-gel glasses as matrices for nonlinear optical fabrics / Jeffrey I. Zink, Bruce Dunn, R.B. Kaner, E.T. Knobbe, and J. McKiernan --
Intrazeolite semiconductor quantum dots and quantum supralattices : new fabrics for nonlinear optical purposes / Geoffrey A. Ozin, Scott Kirkby, Michele Meszaros, Saim Özkar, Andreas Stein, and Galen D. Stucky --
Small semiconductor debris : practise and characterization / Norman Herron --
artificial techniques to polymeric nonlinear optical fabrics according to ferrocene platforms / Michael E. Wright and Steven A. Svejda --
Transition steel acetylides for nonlinear optical homes / Todd B. Marder, Gerry Lesley, Zheng Yuan, Helen B. Fyfe, Pauline Chow, Graham Stringer, Ian R. Jobe, Nicholas J. Taylor, Ian D. Williams, and Stewart ok. Kurtz --
Third-order near-resonance nonlinearities in dithiolenes and infrequent earth metallocenes / C.S. iciness, S.N. Oliver, J.D. Rush, R.J. Manning, C. Hill, and A. Underhill --
Nonlinear optical houses of substituted phthalocyanines / James S. Shirk, J.R. Lindle, F.J. Bartoli, Zakya H. Kafafi, and Arthur W. Snow --
Nonlinear optical homes of substituted polysilanes and polygermanes / R.D. Miller, F.M. Schellenberg, J.-C. Baumert, H. Looser, P. Shukla, W. Torruellas, G.C. Bjorklund, S. Kano, and Y. Takahashi --
layout of latest nonlinear optic-active polymers : use of delocalized polaronic or bipolaronic cost states / Charles W. Spangler and Kathleen O. Havelka --
New polymeric fabrics with cubic optical nonlinearities derived from ring-opening metathesis polymerization / R.H. Grubbs, C.B. Gorman, E.J. Ginsburg, Joseph W. Perry, and Seth R. Marder --
Polymers and an strange molecular crystal with nonlinear optical homes / F. Wudl, P.-M. Allemand, G. Srdanov, Z. Ni, and D. McBranch --
Quadratic electrooptic impression in small molecules / C.W. Dirk and M.G. Kuzyk --
Third-order nonlinear optical houses of natural fabrics / Toshikuni Kaino, Takashi Kurihara, Ken-ichi Kubodera, and Hirohisa Kanbara.

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The relationship between microscopic nonlinearities and the corresponding bulk effect i s yet another area which also warrants detailed investigation. Chemists can play a v i t a l role in making s i g n i f i c a n t contributions to the issues of both fundamental and technological importance. Theoretical and synthetic chemists working together to simultaneously develop r e l i a b l e computational methods and synthetic routes to systematically derivatized structures on which experimental measurements are made can provide valuable input for developing a microscopic understanding of o p t i c a l n o n l i n e a r i t i e s .

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1991. 2. WILLIAMS 41 Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Processes m = eWVkT (17) U(0) = U'(8) - u*E (18) and U(0) is the orientation dependent local potential energy and U'(8) accounts for any anisotropy due to the local environment. For instance, i f the sample were liquid crystalline, U'(O) and U'fr) would represent the potential well associated with nematic or smectic director. In addition to local potentials it is clear that f(8) depends on the experimentally controllable quantities u, E , and T.

Chem. Phys. 1975, 63, 2666. Oudar, J. L. J. Chem. , 1977, 67, 466. Singer, K. ; Garito, A. , J. Chem. , 1981, 75, 3572. Kurtz, S. K. Quantum Electronics; Editors, H. Robin and C. Tang, Academic Press, New York, 1975; Vol. 1, 209ff. ; Kurtz, S. K. J. Appl. Phys. 1970, 41, 1667. Kurtz, S. ; Perry, J. J. Appl. Phys. 1968, 39, 3798. Morrell, J. ; Albrecht, A. C. Chem. Phys. Lett. 1979, 64, 46. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1991. Chapter 3 Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Effects in Molecular and Polymeric Materials Paras N.

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