MAKE Magazine, Issue 46 (September 2015)

Stream over R2D2! BB-8, the lovable new megastar Wars droid, stole the exhibit while it rolled on degree at this year’s famous person Wars social gathering. In Make: Vol. forty six we exhibit you the way 3 Makers approached development their own operating BB-8 bots, and the way you could construct one, too!

Then, examine how one can trick out your favourite car during this issue’s unique part. From detailing electrical automobile and bicycle builds to customizing your hooked up motor vehicle dashboard to smart bicycle hacks for riders at the pass, there’s not anything as DIY as hot-rodding your wheels.

Plus, get those complete how-tos: construct a million-color flashlight utilizing NeoPixel LEDs, 3D-print a candy R/C race motor vehicle, craft a shockingly life like rose out of duct tape, and lots more and plenty extra.

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