MaidenFlight by Bianca D'Arc

By Bianca D'Arc

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She had heard about them, of course, but had not visited the hot springs yet herself. The chamber was large and the main pool absolutely huge. It could have qualified as a small lake, she thought idly, but the bubbling, effervescent surface and slightly metallic smell of the water made it much different from any other lake she had ever seen. There were a few men there before them and they all looked up as Gareth and Belora entered. Several shouted greetings to Gareth or lifted their hands to wave while eyeing Belora with great interest.

It's because of the close bond we share with our dragon partners. Kelvan intends to mate with Rohtina. Her partner is named Lars. He and I have been friends for a very long time. When Kel claims his mate, we will become family of a sort. Lars and I will train with our dragon partners and will go into battle together from then on. " Gareth shook his head. "No. There are so few women born with ability to hear the dragons, many of the knights never find a woman to share their lives. It was a miracle when Kelvan found you.

If she were going to go through with this, she could have both of these handsome, heart-strong men all to herself for the rest of their lives. Something in her heart felt warm and secure at the thought yet her mind worried over how such a relationship would work. ” Gareth’s warm breath puffed against her ear as he spoke and his hands caressed her, the one at her waist slipping down to tease the neat curls at the juncture of her thighs. ” He slipped his fingers into her folds and her knees went weak.

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