Macedonian institutions under the kings by Miltiades V. Hatzopoulos

By Miltiades V. Hatzopoulos

Vol. I: 554 p., four maps. Vol.II. 148 p., seventy eight pages of plates. 2 quantity set.

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For more details, see Epigraphic Appendix no 39. 14 . For the price of grain in the Hellenistic period, see A. Jardé, Les céréales dans l'antiquité (Paris 1925) 164-83 and F. Heichelheim, "Sites", RE Suppl. 6 (1935) 88790; cf. Gauthier, "Récoltes" 418, and, more recently, G. Reger, "The Public Purchase of Grain on Independent Delos", ClassAnt 12(1993) 300-334. 2 However, as we have seen, the letter forms3 rather point to the reign of a later Antigonid, Philip V or Perseus. If one may draw a parallel from the decree in honour of Alketas of Morrylos,4 in which the same vocabulary is used (cf.

Zähmt, Olynth und die Chalkidier ("Vestigia" 14; Munich 1971). Zahrnt, "Entwicklung" = M. Zahrnt, "Die Entwicklung des makedonischen Reiches bis zu den Perserkriegen", Chiron 14 (1984) 325-68. Zancan = Paola Zancan, Il monarcato ellenistico nei suoi elementi federativi (Padova 1934). INTRODUCTION "En ces dernières décennies surgit peu à peu la Macédoine hellénistique en ses institutions; elle se met à parler dans ses inscriptions ". L. Robert, "Les inscriptions de Thessalonique", RevPhilA% (1974) 193 (= OMS'V 280) RETROSPECT AND DEFINITION OF AIMS Studies on Macedonian institutions have a tendency to appear in waves.

Cf. Borza, "History" 18-19; eiusdem, Olympus 5-12; Hatzopoulos, "Scholarship" 94. 3 . Cf. Hatzopoulos, "Scholarship" 106-107; Borza, Olympus 231-36. 4 . I shall resort to comparisons only with incontrovertibly related states in time and space and even then, not so much in order "to fill the gaps", as to provide an additional perspective. 5 . 33: Macedonia postea CL populorum, cf. Papazoglou, "Aspects" 367 and n. 297; eiusdem, Villes 438-40. Most of these 150 communities must have been situated in Macedonia proper and not in the much less urbanised Illyrian appendix of the province.

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