M-48/60 Patton Main Battle Tank [War Data - Born in Battle by T. Eshel

By T. Eshel

A very impressive scuffling with laptop, the Patton parted off as a postwar improvement, to beat the deficiencies skilled by means of Allied tanks as opposed to some of the best German Panzer designs.Although the Patton sequence took half within the Korean struggle in an past model, its major conflict try got here within the heart East wars, the place it's nonetheless greatly in service,extensively changed to deliver it into line with the head AFVs which the Soviet arsenal has to provide. Pattons will surely remain at the entrance line for a very long time to return. the following, then, is its attention-grabbing story...

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The ambush occurred where Route 1 swings north :0 Gia Ray. ­ ::1etres southwest of it. easley's tank company was rolling through the north 5ate of the regimental base camp within seven min­ 'ltes after the ambush had been discovered . Captain Joe Tobin had been flying cover for the : onvoy in his UH 1B gun ship armed with quad-M60 :nachineguns and 2_75 inch rockets. As the ambush : as triggered he began to rake the VC south and east of the road with machinegun and rocket fire. Captain Dave Lindberg, an Air Force forward air controller Hying column cover, immediately called for fighters :'rom the Bien Boa air base.

S. Army shipped in its M48s; the tanks supported infantry units in the dense jungles, fighting under extreme difficulties. One of the most publicised tank units was the 11 th Cavalry, a crack outfit sporting a black mustang as its emblem. ) M4BA 3 of 11 th A rmored Cavalry R egiment, equipped IVith an MBAI bulldozer kit, moves through typical Vietnamese terrain. Friday, 2nd December had been a quiet day for the First of the Blackhorse as Lieutenant Colonel Martin D. Howell held a command and staff meeting at his CP at 1630 hours.

Prototypes based on existing M60A 1s fitted with the new main annament were termed the M60A 1E 1 and those based on new build vehicles with the Shillelagh as part of the original equipment were designated as the M60A 1E2. The first prototype M60AIEI was completed in September 1965, with a second in November. Early trials revealed a number of serious problems with the turret's hydraulic stabilisa­ tion and fire control systems and with the combust­ ible cartridge cases of the conventional ammunition.

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