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In any case these plants occur very often singly and would not form adequate nourishment for any animal, how ever small. Frequently one finds Lithops species hidden under bushes or aloes (L. Bromf ieldii). L. Lesliei, on the other hand, grows in grassy places and in the summer and in winter is often entirely covered by grass to such an extent that the clump is not visible. The same applies to L. Aucampiae. Marloth in his “Stone Plants” refers to Didymaotus lapidiformis as being a good example of the extent to which these plants resemble their surroundings.

12 figur e 6 . lithops salicola l. bol. In habitat. Lückhoff MARGIN One can consider the top surface of the two leaves as a circle, the fis sure between the two leaves as the diameter. That part of the margin adjoin ing the fissure is usually more or less straight and can be called the inner margin. The semi‑circular part of the margin can be conveniently described as the outer margin. In quite a number of species (L. Ruschiorum, L. gracili‑ delineata, L. turbiniformis) the whole top surface is undifferentiated, as it is of a uniform colour and the texture is such that no distinct margin is vis ible.

Hierdie beskerming teen die verlies van water is vir die plant uiters voordelig, want die meeste soorte van hierdie genus groei in die allerdroogste streke waar die relatiewe humiditeit van die atmosfeer baie laag is en onder dergelyke toestande sou hulle al hul vogtigheid kwytraak, was dit nie dat hulle teen waterverlies beskerm word nie. Afgesien van die lae vogtigheids­ inhoud van die lug kom daar in hierdie streke dikwels ook reënlose periodes van 12–20 maande voor. Dit is algemeen bekend dat groenplante afhanklik is van lig vir die opbou van hul voedsel.

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