Light on Yoga: Yoga Dipika by B. K. S. Iyengar

By B. K. S. Iyengar

The definitive consultant to the philosophy and perform of Yoga--the old therapeutic self-discipline for physique and mind--by its maximum residing instructor. Light on Yoga presents whole descriptions and illustrations of the entire positions and respiring routines. includes a foreword by way of Yehudi Menuhin. Illustrations all through.

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His words will be remembered, for they will be good and true. When one who is established in truth prays with a pure heart, then things he really needs come to him when they are really needed: he does not have to run after them. 'parently doing anything. God, the source of all truth, supplies his needs and looks after his welfare. Asteya. The desire to possess and enjoy what another has, drives a person to do evil deeds. From this desire spring the urge to steal and the urge to covet. Asteya (a = not, steya=stealing), or non-stealing includes not only taking what belongs to another without permission, but also using something for a different purpose to that intended, or beyond the time permitted by its owner.

The chitta (mind, reason and ego) is like a chariot yoked to a team of powerful horses. One of them is pra:r:ta (breath), the other is vasana (desire). The chariot moves in the direction of the more powerful animal. If breath prevails, the desires are controlled, the senses are held in check and the mind is stilled. If desire prevails, breath is in disarray and the mind is agitated and troubled. Therefore, the yogi masters the science of breath and by the regulation and control of breath, he controls the mind and stills its constant movement.

To make life healthy, happy and peaceful, it is essential to study regularly divine literature in a pure place. This study of the sacred books of the world will enable the sadhaka to concentrate upon and solve the difficult problems of life when they arise. It will put an end to ignorance and bring knowledge. Ignorance has no beginning, but it has an end. There is a beginning but no end to knowledge. By svadhyaya the sadhaka understands the nature of his soul and gains communion with the divine.

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