Lewisias by B. Leroy Davidson, Michael Moshier

By B. Leroy Davidson, Michael Moshier

Those captivating vegetation, enormously prized by means of rock gardeners, are showcased through a professional recognized for having visited essentially each recognized local Lewisia inhabitants. Lewisias is that infrequent publication that seamlessly blends quite a few disciplines and views to create a holistic photo of a botanical treasure: it really is half box advisor, horticultural guidebook, memoir, background, and paintings e-book. the writer has introduced jointly a panoramic choice of lewisia photographs in habitats and gardens, additional enriched by means of Micheal Moshier's most appropriate work and drawings.

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Most lewisias demand precise, stable conditions in securely remote sites. Practiced lewisia hunters must study the terrain, climate, and geology before they can predict with some certainty whether lewisias might be present, and if so, which ones. This kind of observation is also indispensable to those who aspire to appreciate these plants in their gardens and propagate them for the enjoyment of others. Evolution and Distribution Where did lewisias come from, and when? Such soft plants have left behind only the most meager evidence in the fossil record.

Hybrids 173 Chapter Six. Lewisias in Cultivation 196 Selected Bibliography 221 Distribution Maps 226 Index 230 Page 7 Foreword Ho! Lewisias have been popular garden subjects since the mid nineteenth century. Their bright flowers and tidy succulent nature captivate most who see them, and it could be hazarded that hardly an alpine or rock garden exists without one or several. With only a few specific requirements, many of the taxa and their cultivars and hybrids settle very nicely into the rock garden, trough, or coolhouse.

Most lewisia leaves are plane-bladed (flattened), but some are swollen to cylindrical or terete forms, oval to round in cross-section (as in Lewisia leeana). In most species no distinct petiole occurs, but in all a pair of stipules is carried at the leaf base, visible only when the leaf is tugged gently away; the stipules apparently function to protect the growing point, which they surround snugly. The foliage comes in various shades of green, from the almost colorless (hyaline) leaf bases to an intense reddish or purple flush on plants exposed to strong sunlight.

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