Les Fils de la Louve, Tome 4 : La Louve et l'Aigle by Fernando Pasarin, Weber

By Fernando Pasarin, Weber

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He ceased to demand they come to tell him their sins in confessions. He let their officiants come with processions of flutes and drums into the sanctuary, the shamans to burn sacrifices in the centre aisle. One day a delegation of shamans showed him an ancient copy of the Popoh Vul, the great myth of the Quiché, which the world had believed lost irrevocably when Bishop de Landa in 1526 ordered all copies of the Mayan sacred writings to be burnt. They let him come to their meeting house night after night to copy it.

If Nietzsche could be saved from Nazism then sovereignty is impossible: we can see that, in these terms, it was clearly for him an entirely political gesture. But in Bataille, Nietzsche meets Hegel, and at a very early stage, as I have tried to show in my book. At the moment when Bataille went to listen to the earth-shattering lectures of Kojève, he was already studying closely the work of the ‘philosopher of the system’ If the thought of Nietzsche could be an incitement to explore the virgin territory of history, to invent the myth of the future and to shatter the idols to let new possibilities appear, the teaching of Hegel was stifling.

From street to street It was just five o’clock and the sun was burning hot. In the middle of the street, I would have liked to speak to the others; I was lost in the middle of a blind crowd. 3 At the corner of a street, anguish, a dirty dizzying anguish, undid me (maybe because I had just seen two furtive whores on the staircase of a toilet)… I began to wander down those receptive streets which run from the Carrefour Poissonnière to the rue Saint-Denis. The solitude and darkness made me completely drunk.

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