Leak-Before-Break in Reactor Piping, Vessels (csni-r1995-18)

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Pateman (1988) says that this changed in response to the controversy that raged in seventeenth-century England about the legitimate source of power in society and how power relations were to be regulated and maintained. Pateman (1988) divides this discussion into two camps: the patriarchalists and the social contract theorists. The patriarchalist approach was represented by the then widely influential book of Sir Robert Filmer, Patriarcha. Filmer broke with the biblical tradition associating patriarchy with paternal power by arguing that paternal and political power were ‘not merely analogous but identical’ (Pateman 1988).

Fairness In the long history of human governance, majoritarianism has for the most part been trumped by the rule of minorities. Often, these minorities have been elites based on military prowess, land-ownership, heredity, or priestly knowledge—whether the priests be religious or, for example, socialist. In capitalist and market societies, elites with major ownership stakes and elites constituted by managerial expertise have in many respects held authority denied to popular majorities (Lindblom 1977).

Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 45: 114–17 Romani G L, Williamson S J, Kaufman L 1982 Tonotopic organization of the human auditory cortex. Science 216: 1339–40 Rossini P M, Martino G, Narici L, Pasquarelli A, Peresson M, Pizzella V, Tecchio F, Torrioli G, Romani G L 1994 Shortterm brain ‘plasticitiy’ in humans: transient finger representation changes in sensory cortex somatotopy following ischemic anesthesia. Brain Research 642: 169–77 Teyler T J, Cuffin B N, Cohen D 1975 The visual evoked magnetoencephalogram.

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